Jeannette Ehlers Roundtable Discussion: Resistance and Evasion

Date(s): Oct 15 2021, 1:30 pm




Roundtable Discussion: Resistance and Evasion

To move and migrate can mean “to flee,” but it can also mean to create, to invent and to explore. In which cases can we designate the art of evasion, displacement and escaping as a form resistance?

OBORO is proud to collaborate with Af-Flux – Biennale transnationale noire, to present Resistance and Evasion. This discussion, with guests artist Jeannette Ehlers, curator Eddy Firmin and Doctor in Philosophy Norman Ajari, will be presented online, on October 15, 2021.

Please note that the discussion will be held in English. Register here.

Roundtable Discussion: Resistance and Evasion

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Jeannette Ehlers graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts 2006. For years she has created cinematic universes that delve into ethnicity and identity inspired by her own Danish / West Indian background. She challenges and explores the film medium’s ability to communicate in a visually fascinating and engaging language. Her pieces revolve around big questions and difficult issues, such as Denmark’s role as a slave nation – part of the Danish cultural heritage, which often gets overlooked in the general historiography.