Sara Wookey Curator: Sarah Watson The transmission of Yvonne Rainer’s Trio A by Sara Wookey

Date(s): Oct 3 to 9 2011


Studio 303 and Bain Saint-Michel


Yvonne Rainer, view of the performance Trio A, 1978

Joining VIVA! for the first time, OBORO invited curator Sarah Watson to propose a project about performance and archive. Watson is bringing to Montreal American performer and choreographer Sara Wookey to give a transmission of Yvonne Rainer’s piece Trio A. Wookey is one of four people certified by Rainer to teach this piece from 1966 and ensure its longevity. Yvonne Rainer is a key figure of the 1960s minimalist dance movement. Her work with Judson Dance Theater and her experimentations with movement defined a new language of physical movement that focused on the familiar gesture in performance.

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Yvonne Rainer, view of the performance Trio A, 1978

Sara Wookey is a dancer, choreographer and multi-disciplinary artist based in Los Angeles, California. From 1996-2006 she was based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands where she created over a dozen evening-length dance-theater works and taught at the Amsterdam School for the Arts.

Sarah Watson is an arts educator and curator living in Montreal. She is currently a doctoral fellow and a part-time faculty member at Concordia University in Montreal. Recent projects include Stateless Nation, a research-based exhibition and colloquium with artists / architects Alessandro Petti and Sandi Hilal in Savona, Italy in 2010, and Living Time, a pedagogical project and exhibition comprised of the selected archives of Tehching Hsieh’s One Year Performances and the filmed performances of Guido van der Werve at DHC / ART in Montreal (2009).

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