James Bradell aka Funki Porcini Fast Asleep & Work in Progress

Date(s): May 22 to Jun 19 2004


© Bradell, 2003

Vernissage on Saturday, May 22, at 5 pm.

In a world dominated by superficial fads, dismal celebrities, and reality television, James Bradell (a.k.a. Funki Porcini) decided to do something different for his third album on the independent record label Ninja Tune. Two years later and against the advice of his doctors, he resurfaced. The result is Fast Asleep, a super somnambulance of sounds to accompany dreams. Not content to release a CD, Bradell and Team Alcohol (a.k.a. Rupert Small) produced a visual representation of the music, which is a DVD of eight films. In Work in Progress, he shape-shifts advertisements and translates their true nature. As a warning before the videos start, the screen reads, “Most of the money in advertising is spent on cocaine. Very little that you watch will actually be good for you. Watch the person next to you to see what to do.” 

© Bradell, 2003

James Bradell is best known as a British electronic musician and producer, having recorded five albums and numerous singles for the Ninja Tune record label.