Shari Hatt I just want to be taken seriously as an artist… and Clown Portraits

Date(s): Sep 17 to Oct 22 2011


Shari Hatt, Red Bastards, 2007

Opening Saturday, September 17, 2011 at 5 pm

Shari Hatt presents The Studio Visit at Galerie Donald Browne until October 1, 2011.

The clown, the fool and the artist all share at times a very similar position in relation to society, which is to say to the status quo, and to social conventions. The relationship is a complex one, quite dynamic in range and character, situating those who are so ordained sometimes in very high esteem, and other times in rather low esteem. It is precisely when they are held in low esteem that they most effectively play their role, particularly when they confound expectations of how that role ought to be played. This is a contentious matter, of course, which is what makes it interesting, and certainly that is what Hatt’s work illustrates so effectively.

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Shari Hatt, Red Bastards, 2007

Shari Hatt is a photo-based artist from Nova Scotia. Hatt is a recipient of the Duke and Duchess of York Prize in Photography (2001) from the Canada Council for the Arts and was invited to participate in the first British International Residency Program by the Canada Council in London, England (2003). Hatt’s work is included in collections such as: The Art Bank of the Canada Council, The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, The Banff Centre for the Arts and The Canadian Museum for Contemporary Photography. This is her second solo exhibition at OBORO.

I just want to be taken seriously as an artist… and Clown Portraits, Shari Hatt. Photos Paul Litherland, 2011