Diane Obomsawin Curator: Anne Golden Obom

Date(s): Feb 24 to Mar 25 2001



The world we enter through Diane Obomsawin’s tape-portals is one in which a nonchalant absurdity predominates. Characters—half human, half bug, or variations thereof—wander about in landscapes of illustration and cut-outs. In her brief, fast and funny/sad tapes painted-on-film, bibittes wander purposefully while completely lost. A boy transforms into a moose-child and viruses dance to bal musette. Her first video, L’abominable microbe, is set in a world on the edge of disaster. Objects are recognizable, but the era is harder to peg. Obomsawin borrows from decades past and present to make a planet-not-the-earth and a time-not-the-present.

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Diane Obomsawin (a.k.a. Obom) is well known for her illustrations, her participation in Peinture en direct at the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal, her papier-mâché bug and beast sculptures, her work as a graphic designer and her videos. She lives in Montréal.

Anne Golden has been involved in the curation, distribution and production of independent video and film since 1985. Golden has been making videos since 1991. Her work includes Fat Chance (1994), Big Girl Town (1998) and Les aventures de Ponygirl (2000).