Heavyweight Yo Bro look at the music, listen to the painting

Date(s): Jan 13 to Feb 11 2001


Yo Bro look at the music, listen to the painting

Vernissage on Saturday, January 13, at 5 pm

With this exhibition Heavyweight is moving into phase two of the “live painting project,” which places club culture inspired ideas into a complete environment / in situ installation. The dynamic movement of music through a room and its peoples serve as a map for visual applications and audio details. The space is a collage of graphic and musical influences from underground urban cultures; material assembled from last year’s travels of the Heavyweight Art Installation.

Whereas the structure of the creative process within the “live painting” context announces itself in the spirit of the moment and is realized within a DJ’s three hour set, the OBORO installation presents the artists’ interpretations of their musical relationships within these club settings.

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Yo Bro look at the music, listen to the painting

Heavyweight Production House was formed in the spring of 1998 in Montréal by Tyler Gibney and Gene Starship out of the collaborative efforts of a group of like-minded artists and designers to create a vehicle for their art and design work. Drawing from the urban environment, Heavyweight developed a mix-blend of styles and skills accumulated from a free association of intuitive interests— peripheral influences included rare groove album covers, Japanese hyper-pop styles, dub soundscapes, graffiti burns, skate graphics and turntable culture. Heavyweight have shown the 2000 Phase One: 1999 North American Tour, Live Painting Series at the Saidye Bronfman Centre for the Arts in Montréal and at the Museum of Canadian Contemporary Art in Toronto.

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