Ambivalently Yours Ambivalently Yours

Date(s): Sep 1st 2015 to May 31st 2016


Ambivalently Yours, 2015

Artist Talk
Thursday, June 9, 2016, at 5:30 pm

Ambivalently Yours in an anonymous online persona created to facilitate the exploration of feminist convictions and concerns. Fuelled by my experience in the fashion industry and juxtaposed with an investment in feminist art, this project aims to highlight the potential for political resistance that exists within conflicting emotions.

Since its inception in 2011, Ambivalently Yours has explored notions of ambivalence through the online sharing of illustrations, sound sketches, videos, blog posts and anonymous notes left in public spaces. These acts of rebellion are meant as conversation starters, acts of compassion and examples of active yet ambivalent resistance.

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Ambivalently Yours, 2015

Perpetually clad in pink and in search of a Wi-Fi connection, Ambivalently Yours explores ambivalence—to love and hate at the same time—through the online sharing of pink illustrations, short animations, questionable advice, sound sketches, blog posts and anonymous notes left in public spaces. Natalie Finkelstein’s work has been exhibited in Canada, United States and the UK, and has been shared and gone viral on blogs, Web zines and magazines throughout the world.

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