Chantal Neveu Ce qui arrive

Date(s): Mar 15 to May 30 2006


Chantal Neveu, 2006

With this project, I’m trying to give form to an oscillation between what is said, heard, thought and perceived. I’m exploring textual musicality and molecular delicacy in the sound dimension—making words audible through my mediated voice, in a long verbal continuum obviously immersed in an electronic and acoustic musical mix. I’ve invited composer and artist Chantale Laplante to do work together, to “see” what happens. [C.N.]

In collaboration with Chantale Laplante.

Chantal Neveu, 2006

Writer and interdisciplinary artist, Chantal Neveu chooses writing as an avenue for exploration and knowledge. She has published Une spectaculaire influence (Éditions L’Hexagone), coït and mentale (La Peuplade) as well as èdres followed by èdres | dehors (É=É).