Jackie GallantThe King of Pop

Date(s): Mar 29 to Apr 22 2016


The King of Pop

J. Gallant, 2015

Thursday, April 28 at 5:30 pm

As part of the Residencies for Local Artists program
This event is part of the Montreal Digital Spring 2016

This research period will focus on the development of a solo performance piece that uses one of my alter egos (The King of Pop) as a guide through a visceral universe that references iconic pop culture sights and sounds. The viewer will have access to the surreal, nonlinear narrative of a brain that has been shaped and warped by constant aural and visual pop music stimuli. The King of Pop sifts through the library of pop music sounds looking for that elusive ingredient that creates the magic of pop, the magic of a hook. Is there a perfect snare sound? Is there a mathematical equation to generate the perfect melody? Is the perfect pop sound something produced in a million dollar studio or on a cassette 4-track?

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The King of Pop

J. Gallant, 2015

Jackie Gallant is a musician, video artist, composer and performer who creates and performs for dance, video and film. She began her musical career as a drummer for several Montreal rock groups. Since then she’s toured nationally and internationally with everyone from La La La Human Steps to Lesbians on Ecstasy and collaborated as sound designer and composer in various contexts for several artists. Recently she collaborated with actor/director Marie Brassard, Sarah Williams and video artist Sabrina Ratté on the dance/theatre piece Moving in This World.