Chantal Dumas Les petits riens (mécanique du quotidien)

Date(s): Aug 15 to Oct 8 2009


C. Dumas, 2004

Listening session / Artist talk
Thursday, February 4, 2010 at 6 pm

Les petits riens are those subtle sounds, songs too soft to catch our attention, or so mundane that we no longer perceive them. They are also the sounds of microcosms, such as the insect world, and of our high-tech work environments. They are perhaps also the sounds of reminiscences, mental loops of melodic fragments audible to ourselves alone, or the caress of sounds past, presenting themselves now and again.

This residence and creative laboratory will allow for the development of game sequences and compositional fragments. At the heart of the experimentation process is the ambisonic technique, offering fascinating possibilities of manipulating sound images in 2 and 3D.

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C. Dumas, 2004

Artist Chantal Dumas explores the medium of sound through the production of radio documentary fiction or fiction, electro-acoustic music and sound installations. She has written and produced more than twenty-five radio pieces, many of which have been broadcast in Canada and abroad, including several in Germany, of which three were singled out at France’s Phonurgia Nova competition. You may have noticed the peculiar blue car on the orange line of the Montreal metro recently.