Alexandre Quessy Bianca Lavoie-Pilote Perceptoire de la perception à la mémoire

Date(s): Nov 1 to 30 2008


B. Lavoie-Pilote, 2006

Winners of the 2007 New Media Production Grant for Young Artists sponsored by the Caisse Populaire Desjardins du Mont-Royal

Perceptoire is an evocation of the invisible thread linking reality and our perceptions, through the filter of our memory. In this interactive installation, viewers are found face to face with themselves, seeing their own image projected on two planes of a translucent shape. Evocative video sequences and sounds from the memories and imaginations of the two artists are superimposed on images from the present and the immediate past. The visitors’ images are filmed, classified and saved to be used again later. [B.L.P., A.Q.]

B. Lavoie-Pilote, 2006

Based in Montreal, Alexandre Quessy is passionate about interactive artistic creation. After studying classical music at Cégep de Sainte-Foy and information technology and communication at UQÀM, he began to make tangible interfaces for electroacoustic musical creation, such as Séquenceur humain and Chorale à roulettes, a collaborative work with Darsha Hewitt. His favourite themes are relational aesthetics, outdated technologies and the subjectivity of our perceptions and memory.

Born in Roberval in 1979, Bianca Lavoie-Pilote becomes interestested in art, poetry and music at a young age. In 2002, she studied in creative writing and in television. She is currently finishing a bachelor’s degree in interactive media at UQÀM. Dreams and memory are themes which have fascinated Bianca in her exploration of the inaccessible.