Stephen Foster The Prince George Métis Documentary Project

Date(s): Mar 2 to Apr 3 2007


Stephen Foster, 2006

Foster will work on The Prince George Métis Documentary Project: An Exploration in Experimental and Interactive Documentary, undertaken collaboratively with Métis Elders. “Our ultimate goal is a body of work that will embrace traditional documentary film, and at the same time provide avenues to disrupt that tradition through the use of new interactive media such as DVD and web-based content deliver…. We seek to complicate the representations… using participatory techniques to share the power and produce coherent narratives with our community collaborators.” (S.F.)

Stephen Foster, 2006

Stephen Foster is an artist of Haida Métis descent, who works with multi-channel video installation and digital photography. He has exhibited widely throughout Canada, most recently, in the traveling two-person exhibition, Re-Mediations, with James Gillespie. He is currently Associate Professor of Visual Arts in Creative Studies at UBC Okanagan, Kelowna, B.C.

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