Annie Martin Relaxations

Date(s): Feb 9 to 27 2004


© Martin, 2003

Le paysage moderne en basse fidélité n’a pas de perspective ;
ce sont plutôt les sons qui massent le spectateur de leur présence continue.

R. Murray Schafer

I am fascinated by the contemporary pursuit of relaxation and by popular, intuitive notions of what constitutes a relaxing environment. Relaxations will examine relaxation audio from a listening perspective, mimicking the patterns of new-age audio healing practice, while utilizing sound images from the local urban environment. The results will be available for your listening pleasure in 2004. 

© Martin, 2003

Annie Martin is an interdisciplinary artist whose work traverses installation, textile, sound and video. She has exhibited her projects across Canada and in the US, and Bulgaria. Her writing on art has been published in Parachute, Mix, and Women and Performance, as well as in numerous artist monographs. Annie lives and works in Montréal, where she teaches in the Department of Studio Art at Concordia University.