Danny PerreaultResidency – Montréal – Havana Exchange

Date(s): Nov 22 to Dec 2 2019


Residency – Montréal – Havana Exchange

As part of the Havana edition of Montréal ~ Habana, and invited jointly by OBORO and perte de signal, Montreal artist Danny Perreault will complete a residency in Havana from November 22 to December 2, along with the Havanese artist Milton Raggi.

MONTRÉAL ~ HAVANA : rencontres en art actuel/encuentros de arte contemporaneo is an exchange project aiming to foster exhibits, production and dialogues between artists and cultural workers from Cuba and Montreal.

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Residency – Montréal – Havana Exchange

Danny Perreault is an artist, cultural worker and teacher in digital art. Much of his artistic research focuses on videomapping issues. He has produced audiovisual works, volumetric video installations and participates in co-creation laboratories with other artists. He is interested in the aesthetic and social impacts of the digital arts, and collaboration is also an important part of his approach.


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