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Date(s): Feb 10 to 24, 2020



R. Bowring, 2019

The basic material of this project is the poem being written by BarDem (2014-2020) on met les phr- [les phrases au centre.

During their residency at OBORO, BarDem and Thierry Simonot will proceed to the studio recording, fragment by fragment (not continuously or live), of excerpts of this poem, so as to have a specific material as detailed and precise as possible: a “voice” seized in its verbal micro-inflections.

They will mount these individual fragments to form a first layer, a kind of cantus firmus, on which the subsequent layers will lay. They will then edit other poetic materials, different from this first layer, that have specific sound-spatial properties: excerpts from radio interviews and conversations between the two artists or with other interlocutors, historical sound poetic materials – Gerhard Rühm, Bernard Heidsieck, Augusto de Campos, Bob Cobbing, Eugen Gomringer, Raul Hausmann – performed by BarDem or other artists.

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R. Bowring, 2019

Vincent Barras teaches the history of medicine and sciences at the University of Lausanne, and is a specialist in sound art, experimental literature and sound poetry, which he practices as author, performer and programmer.

Winner of the Swiss Grand Music Awards 2018 and the 2007 quadrennial music prize of the City of Geneva, Jacques Demierre is a pianist, composer and improviser. Acoustic or electroacoustic, whether they respect the framework of traditional writing or take advantage of free improvisation, his experiments can serve music as well as sound poetry and in situ sound interventions. All are animated by the same quest for the consciousness of sound. Author of numerous pieces for ensemble or voice, the pianist is also an explorer of the evocative force of everyday noises.

Thierry Simonot is sound and music director, and is dedicated to the sound diffusion and spatialization of electroacoustic music, especially with the speakers’ orchestra from the Association pour la Musique Électroacoustique de Genève (AMEG). He collaborates with Vortex, Contrechamps, Eklekto and with the Archipel, Lucerne and Amplitudes festivals. He takes part in spatial concert, performance and sound installation projects, notably with Jacques Demierre, the 6ix+1ensemble, Dragos Tara, Rainer Boesch, Vincent Hänni, Maya Bösch and Joël Maillard.

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