Lina Choi Water and Dreams

Date(s): May 6 to 15 2022


Lina Choi, Ambient Box no.1, 2022. Photo: Paul Litherland, Centre CLARK

In collaboration with Festival Accès Asie

Public Presentation on May 14, 2022, from 2 pm to 5 pm

Water and Dreams is a meditative and participatory surround sound project by Lina Choi. It aims to deliver immersive sound with introspective audio and visual experiences that involve listening and reflecting. During her production stay at OBORO, Choi will experiment in rendering her stereo sound work immersive. Water and Dreams is composed of underwater sounds, field recordings and samplings of various water forms. They are accompanied by narration and breathing sounds at intervals that get shorter as the narrator submerges deeper.

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Lina Choi, Ambient Box no.1, 2022. Photo: Paul Litherland, Centre CLARK

Lina Choi was born in South Korea in 1990. She is a visual artist who majored in sculpture at the Royal College of Art in London (UK), currently living and working in Quebec (Canada). Through her installation works, she utilises sounds by exploring the relationship between unspoken social expectations/rules placed on individuals, how the sole identity of humans locates themselves in societies. Encouraging audiences to interrupt her work, she has experiments with participatory and interactive projects. Her sound installation has been selected for Post Audio at Centre CLARK in Montreal. Her most recent solo show The Noise Lab was held as part of the artist’s residency in Incheon Art Platform in South Korea. Also, she showed a sound performance as a final project for Satellites in Bochum, Germany.

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