Les navigatrices II

Mathilde Geromin, 2021

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Mathilde Geromin, 2021

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Les navigatrices brings together 6 lesbian women aged 55 and older, who are invited to express themselves and tell their stories through video, photo and animation. The individual or collective projects explore themes chosen by the women. 

Under the principles of experimentation, learning and empowerment, and by listening to the participants, the two artists, Mathilde Geromin and Sylvaine Chassay, accompany the women in an inclusive and comfortable environment. 

10 weekly workshops make the language of video accessible to the participants, so that with support from the artists, they can tell their stories themselves. Simple exploration and experimentation, as well as an introduction to video art, gradually lead to the development of personal projects. 

The presence of workers from the Lesbian Solidarity Center promotes the creation of an environment of trust and teamwork.

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Sylvaine Chassay

For more than 20 years, Sylvaine Chassay has been working at the crossroads of contextual and participatory art, inspired by new medias. Multiform, her work takes the shape of installations, in-situ and in-socius interventions, as well as performative actions. Our Western human condition and its evolution are the central point of her preoccupation. She observes, scrutinizes and questions our lifestyle, our contradictions, and our collective and individual values, including herself in this process as much as her peers.