Resonating Spaces: tracing history, sharing rhythms, rippling the future

© C. Hubert, 2015

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© C. Hubert, 2015

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Resonating Spaces: tracing history, sharing rhythms, rippling the future

with Émilie Monnet, Owen Chapman and Stéphane Claude

Cultural Mediation
January 31, February 1 and February 14-15, 2015
An intergenerational sound gathering workshop with the aboriginal community of Montréal


Saturday, October 17, 2015 at 3:30 pm



Participants in this workshop will collect sounds from around the island of Montreal in the production of an online “soundmap” as well as creative audio compositions that will be compiled into a professionally manufactured CD. Sessions with the workshop leaders will take place over the course of two weekends, with two weeks in between to allow for individual progress on audio compositions. Participants will be instructed in the use of a selection of mobile audio field recording technologies and studio equipment.

The workshop will focus on making geolocated audio field recordings in different places and events such as the Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women March on the Island of Montreal. Those recordings will be planned in advance in order to record a variety of scenarios. These recordings could involve simply documenting the sounds of a space or event, or the use of traditional and modern instruments or vocal techniques to cause a space to resonate back in response. Such actions will be conceived as ways of reclaiming spaces and transforming how we understand them--revealing hidden layers of significance.

The recorders used to gather these sounds will register the locations visited, allowing them to be uploaded to the soundmap, along with photographs, the date and time of the recordings, titles and other relevant information. The online map will also act as a shared resource in terms of the sounds the participants will use in the composition part of the workshop.

This project is made possible thanks to the Programme montréalais d'action culturelle of Ville de Montréal.

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Émilie Monnet

Intergrating theatre, performance art and technology, Émilie Monnet’s artistic practice explores themes of identity, memory, co-existence and transformation. In 2016, Émilie founded Indigenous Contemporary Scene (ICS), a critical and artistic manifestation of live-arts by indigenous artists. Its last edition took place in Montreal, from June 1 to 9, 2017. Émilie’s heritage is Anishnaabe and French, and she lives in Montreal.

Owen Chapman

Owen Chapman is an audio artist whose work involves sample-based music, video projection, contact microphones and old electronic instruments. He is director of the Montreal Mobile Media Lab, located in the Communication Studies department at Concordia University, where he is also an assistant professor in Sound Production and Scholarship.

Stéphane Claude

Stéphane Claude is an electronic_acoustic composer and sound engineer. His research is based on integrating a conceptual and physiological framework of audio recording and sound installation for different diffusion contexts in the electronic arts.