From Tangible to Intangible and Back Again: An Open Laboratory on Sounding Artefacts

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© Zero-Th, 2004

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From Tangible to Intangible and Back Again: An Open Laboratory on Sounding Artefacts

February 14 to 17, 2008

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This event is a collaborative exploration of interactive sound in sculptural and everyday artefacts. Participants will create interactive sculptures that respond to human action through sound. Everyday artefacts will be used for new creations in which they are repurposed as experiments in form, material, behaviour and sound in an open studio setting.
Critical focus will address issues regarding the interaction between people and such sonic artefacts, with topics drawn from participants interests and from theoretical texts. Sonic interaction will be facilitated by a software tool set, including free components for Max/MSP, with sensors and actuators the workshop facilitators will provide. We will make sculptural prototyping materials available to assist this—for example, modelling putty, foam rubber, epoxy, etc.
Please note that the workshop will be given mostly in english but the instructors are bilingual.

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Karmen Franinovic

Karmen Franinovic works with interactive media as an architect,interaction designer and artist at Zero-Th Association and in academic contexts. She leads research projects on sound and movement in tangible interaction at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Zurich. Her artistic work explores critical and playful uses of interactive technology embedded in architecture, urban space and everyday life.

Yon Visell

Yon Visell is an artist, engineer, and physicist who is interested in the subtle dynamics of physical phenomena and the design of interactive artefacts and architectures. His background ranges from theoretical physics, to interaction design, machine learning, musical signal processing, auditory display, and interactive media design at Zero-Th Association, which he co-founded with Karmen Franinovic. He has lectured in the Intermedia and Cyberarts program at Concordia University, in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at McGill University, and