Artist's Books

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Icarus: Empire Falls

The texts view the ensemble of the exhibition through reflections around the Myth of Icarus. A limited edition of 25 copies also exists with an original etching by Mathieu Beauséjour and CD. Contact us for more information.

This publication accompanies an exhibition curated by Claudine Hubert held at OBORO from January 14 to February 25, 2012.

Coefficients d'intimité / Amplified Intimacies

Catalogue of the Coefficients d'intimité / Amplified Intimacies exhibition, presented at OBORO from September 13 to October 18, 2008. The eight site-specific interactive works and tangible media devices come to life again, under the theoretical lighting shed by curators Lynn Hughes and Jean Dubois (co-directors of the research group Interstices) in their respective essays.

Laboratoire parcellaire

Four writers in residence at OBORO review art works and their contexts. Using analytical, fictional and poetical strategies, they focus on details, addressing images through their particles, creating along with the works, becoming witnesses, critics, weavers of reality.

Embrayage onirique / Clutching at Dreams - Diane Landry

The publication was initiated when OBORO commissioned Diane Landry to produce a work in the fall of 2004. The works were developed in the course of residencies in 2005 - at OBORO in Montreal as well as Avatar in Quebec City. The first version of the exhibition Le Bouclier magique (The Magic Shield), which also included a video projection entitled Le Bouclier perdu (The Lost Shield), was presented at OBORO in the Fall of 2005.


This publication explores the ideas, concepts and personal artistic experiences behind Moments, a series of live on-line performances produced since 1999 by OBORO and presented as part of Festival Accès Asie during Asian Heritage Month.

Steve Heimbecker: Songs of Place

The DVDs represent video and surround sound portraits of four places: Halifax N.S., Montréal, QC, Vancouver, BC, and Springwater, SK. In the bookwork, five contributors were invited to reflect on the “portraits”: Vincent Bonin, Anna Friz, Christof Migone, F. Scott Taylor, and Barry Truax. The artist himself contributes a text, which analyzes his last ten years of research.

Stupa: Built & Unbuilt

This blissful book acts as the “built” part of the stupa whereas the exhibition materialized its “unbuilt” state. Since 1975, stupas have inspired artist/author Richard Purdy who in his essay shares his personal and professional encounters with the subject.


In their essay, Fisher and Drobnick discuss curatorial objectives and analyze the projects presented in the performance event that redefined the genre of the tableau vivant. Participating artists comment on their experience.