Interrogating Access: Resources for Artists and Organisations





A Series of Talks and Workshops on Accessibility in Art and Media Production

Interrogating Access: Resources for Artists and Organisations is a series of conferences and workshops in 2019-2020 aiming to gather the tools necessary to stimulate better access practices in visual and media arts. Although accessibility guidelines are freely available [1], local independent arts centres seem slow to adhere to them. One important challenge many of us face – including OBORO – is the fact that our spaces are not barrier-free. However, these physical constraints do not justify the limited measures taken to accommodate other types of publics and participants, whose disabilities are unrelated to mobility. Jointly developed by OBORO and Spectrum Productions, and benefiting from the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, the Interrogating Access series of activities aims to equip artists, organisations, and cultural workers with the means to think through accessibility in broader terms, and to learn from the best access practices already undertaken in the cultural sector in Canada and abroad.

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