Claude-Marie Caron

Claude-Marie Caron discovered yoga, tai chi chuan, Eastern philosophy, visual arts, and theater in the early 1970s. He met Daniel Dion in 1978, and their friendship was instantaneous. Around the same time, Caron invented the word OBORO to describe the thunder of galloping horses without suspecting that this word would have another destiny. He had exhibitions and did performances in Montreal, New York, Toronto, and Vancouver, including Bansaï in 1985 with Su and Daniel. At the same time, Caron also experienced teaching as a form of creation. Later, he collaborated with Daniel as a choreographer and dancer in the works The Head and Legs, PHOTOTEMS, Anicca, and Great Divide. Their last work in progress, Ce Millimètre, remains unfinished. An exploration of consciousness is at the core of Caron’s work. His recent creations range from painting to textile art and writing. He currently teaches the Feldenkrais Method® and tai chi chuan.

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